Sunday, August 9, 2009

Baby Lay Matt

This time nothing about foods but to show my new project, baby mattress. Does the pillow look like cat face? hubby said the face doesn't look like a real cat huhu. It doesn't matter, because this is my first time cat project. Hope next time will improve myself.

At the back of the mattress i put handle, so easy to carry or just can hang it when not use.

The pillow can be take off from the mattress, so can use as individual pillow.

This mattress very small only, suitable to carry along when outing. Can use it when diaper changing

Actually i made this for my friend Siti Halimaton aka Hasya. She just newly give birth baby boy. Hope she like it.
Also made this bag for her

This made by my SIL......


HS Kitchen And Hobby said...

the Cat mattress is so cute. Ai yah... If give birth a baby can I get cat mattress ?????^_^

yusmar said...

wahhhh.....very happy to hear that hehe. If u give birth not just mattress,pillow cat also i can make for u

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